KnowMyStory is a movement of young people who are

simply sharing their personal stories.

All of us have stories.

The people in this website speak honestly,

about the human experience, the triumphs and struggles.

These stories give hope.

That is the entire reason for creating KnowMyStory.

There is one common denominator here.

HOPE found in God.

Whatever you believe, or don’t believe,

we believe these stories can encourage you.

 KnowMyStory is true stories,

of young people who have been through hell,

lost their way and

struggled with finding meaning and purpose in life.

They have been hurt,

they’ve been abused,

they’ve been wronged;

they have wrestled with life’s toughest questions.

Against all odds,

they found new life,

real hope and courage to speak out.

They will not be silent.

These are their stories.

They will be a light.

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